1991 Leiden, Pays Bas

4ème réunion de REVES, Leyde (Pays Bas), 1991

Approaches to measuring change in developed and developing countries

Organisé by Harry van de Water,TNO Institute of Preventive Health Care.

Au cours de cette conférence, le réseau a décidé de s’ouvrir plus largement aux pays en voie de développement. 24 papiers ont été présentés, dont certains sont disponibles sur demande

  • van de Water HPA. General Report of the fourth workshop of REVES.

Papiers présentés:

  • Bone M. Changing disability rates over time in Great Britain.
  • Boshuizen H. Trends in health expectancy in the Netherlands in the period 1980-1990; some preliminary results.
  • Brunelle Y. The evolution of recognized disability / L’évolution de l’incapacité reconnue.
  • Dowd JE. Expectation of life free of impairments, disabilities and handicaps: Indonesia 1978.
  • Evers S. An overview of the coverage of Health for all indicators in population surveys in Europe.
  • Grab B, Dowd JE, Michel JP. Estimates of disability free life expectancy in China, 1987.
  • Grotvedt L. Health surveys in Norway.
  • Jagger C, Clarke M. The changing disability profile of the elderly.
  • Lamb V, Andrews G. Healthy life expectancy of the elderly in developing countries.
  • Mathers CD. Australian trends in disability-free and Handicap-free life expectancy 1981-1988.
  • Minaire P. Theoretical models of disability process in developed and developing countries: introductory paper.
  • Myers G. Report of the Committee on Study Design. Petterson H. A Swedish Population health index.
  • Rasmussen N. Report of the Committee on Use of National Health Surveys.
  • Ritchie K. Report of the Committee on Mental Deterioration.
  • Robine JM. Changes in health conditions over time.
  • Romieu I. Report on the Bibliography series.
  • Spuhler T, Bisig B et al. Disability free life expectancy in Switzerland.
  • Tu E, Chen K. Active life expectancy in New York State and Taiwan.
  • Van Nostrand J. Report of the Committee on Policy Relevance.
  • van Londen J. Welcome adress.
  • van de Water HPA. Health expectancy and change over time: Compression or Pandemia.
  • van den Berg J. Developing common methods and instruments for health interview surveys.