2004 Bruges, Belgique

16ème réunion de REVES, Bruges (Belgique), 2004

Life and health expectancy - Challenges ahead

Organisée par Herman Van Oyen, Institut Scientifique de Santé Publique

La conférence a été principalement consacrée à l’étude des concepts de santé, aux nouveaux développements méthodologiques, aux problèmes d’inférence, aux interactions morbidité-mortalité et déterminants de la santé, et à l’utilisation des espérances de santé au service des politiques de santé.

Les ppt des présentations ci-dessous sont disponibles sur demande.

Liste des présentations:

  • Van Oyen H. Life Expectancy and Health Expectancy. Challenges Ahead for Bruges.
  • Cuypers D. Life and Health Expectancy. Challenges Ahead for Belgium.

Session 1: Global health, comorbidity and burden of disease

  • Mathers C, Salomon J, Moesgaard Iburg K, Tandon A, Ustun B, Chatterji S, Murray C. Global patterns of healthy life expectancy in the year 2002.
  • Hoeymans N, Hoogenveen R. The Dutch Burden of Disease and the Contribution of Risk Factors.
  • Berthelot J-M, Le Petit C, Flanagan W, Boswell-Purdy J, Roberge H, Jenkins E. Canadian Population Health Impact of Cancer.
  • Mathers C, Moesgaard Iburg K, Begg S. Comorbidity adjustments of healthy life expectancy.

Session 2: Concepts of health and human functionning

  • Verbrugge L M. Challenge for Scientific Research: Person and Environment in Disability.
  • Gooberman-Hill R, Shah E. Adapting to mobility-disability in older age: a qualitative study.
  • Brown SJ, Lynch SM. Population Based Active Life Expectancy Estimates by Single ADL Patterns.
  • Berthelot J-M, Bernier J, Gorber S. Preferences of Canadians Toward Health States.
  • Herrmann F, Grandjean R, Michel J-P. Prevalence of frailty in Switzerland: Concepts and figures.

Session 3: Inequity in health and health expectancy - Part 1

  • Lindeboom M, Portrait F, Van Den Berg Gerard J. Individual Mortality and Macro-Economic Conditions from Birth to Death.
  • Perenboom RJM. Trends in Health Expectancies according to socio-economic status.
  • Spiers N, Matthews RJ, Barker GA, Jagger C, Hancock RM. Gender differences in measures of Health Inequalities at Older Ages: findings from the Great Britain Retirement Survey, 1988-1994.
  • Zimmer Z, Kaneda T, Tang Z. Rural - Urban Differences in Function and Mortality Among Older Adults in China: Why Do Rural Chinese Have Poorer Health?

Session 4: Health expectancy in the European Union: past, present and future

  • Van Oyen H, Van Der Heyden J, Perenboom R, Jagger C. Evaluation of a global activity limitation indicator GALI.
  • Cambois E, Lievre A. From functional limitations to activity restrictions: Analysis of disparities in the disablement process with the French longitudinal disability survey.
  • Jagger C, Robine J-M. Creating a harmonised health status module across the European Union.
  • Robine J-M, Jagger C, Van Oyen H. The fourth stage of the Euro-REVES approach - The EHEMU project (The European Health Expectancy Monitoring Unit).

Session 5: Health and health expectancy in Latin America

  • Ham-Chande R. Prospectives of longevity in Mexico and its implications for health and well-being.
  • Ybanez Zepeda E. Life expectancy and living arrangements as indicators of well being among the elderly.
  • Baptista DBDA. Elderly people in Sao Paulo (municipal area) Active life expectancy and multidimensional disability profiles from SABE.
  • Rosero-Bixby L. The high life expectancy of Costa Rican elders.

Session 6: Methodological issues - Part 1

  • Crimmins EM, Hayward MD, Saito Y, Reynolds SL. Three Different Approaches to Measuring Healthy Life Expectancy.
  • Klementiev A, Moriarty GD. Alternative measure of years of healthy life.
  • Abatih E, Brucker L, Van Oyen H, Bossuyt N. Estimation of variance of health expectancy by relative educational level in Belgium.
  • Lievre A, Brouard N. Estimation of the force of mortality -independently of the initial health state- from cross-longitudinal surveys.
  • Molla M, Lubitz J. Estimating Expected Years of Healthy Life Based on Retrospectively Assessed Health Status Data.

Session 7: Determinants of health and health expectancy - Part 1

  • Barendregt J. Risk factors and the compression of morbidity.
  • Nusselder W, Looman C, Peeters A, Franco-Duran O, Mackenbach J. Physical activity and compression of morbidity.
  • Hidajat MM, Hayward MD, Saito Y. Indonesia’s Social Capacity for Population Health: The Educational Gap in Active Life Expectancy.
  • Reynolds S. The Impact of Obesity on Active Life Expectancy in Older Adults.
  • Himes C. Weight gain, weight loss, and mortality risks.

Session 8: Determinants of health and health expectancy - Part 2

  • Ayis S. Predicting Catastrophic Decline in Mobility for Older People
  • Bronnum-Hansen H, Juel K. Smoking expands expected lifetime with musculoskeletal disease regardless of educational level.
  • Zimmer Z, Fang X, Kaneda T, Tang Z, Kwong J. Transitions in Coresidence with Adult Children among Older Adults in Beijing.
  • Manuel D, Desmeules M, Cho R. Why do women live longer than men?

Session 9: International comparisons and time trends in health within Europe

  • Iburg KM. Hale in the new EU.
  • Minicuci N, Noale M. Disability Free Life Expectancy: a cross-national comparison of six longitudinal studies on aging. The CLESA project.
  • Luy M, Caselli G. Regional Mortality Differences in Italy and Germany. Analysis of Similarities and Differences Regarding Developments and Responsible Factors.
  • Meltzer H, Heasman D. Trends in Life and Health Expectancies in Great Britain.

Session 10: Methodological issues - Part 2

  • Abramowska A, Gourbin C, Wunsch G. Projections of the dependent elderly population by age, sex, and household composition. Scenarios for Belgium.
  • Barendregt JJ, Kruijshaar ME. The dismod model and Lifetime Depression.
  • Deeg DJH. The role of education in time trends of cognitive impairment in Dutch older persons, 1992-2002.
  • Palloni A. Estimating Current Status Models with Non-Homogeneous Competing Risks.

Session 11: Inequity in health and health expectancy - Part 2

  • Minicuci N, Noale M. Disability free life expectancy by education and marital status among elderly Italians.
  • Lynch SM, Brown SJ. Education and Active Life Expectancy: Years of Schooling versus Credentials.
  • Melzer D. Socio-Economic Inequalities. National estimates using mobility performance testing.

Session 12: 3rd George Myers Memorial Lecture

  • Vallin J. Convergences and divergences in mortality. A new approach to health transition.