2004 Bruges, Belgium

16th REVES meeting, Bruges (Belgium), 2004

Life and health expectancy - Challenges ahead

Organized by Herman Van Oyen, Scientific Institute of Public Health.

An important part of this meeting was devoted to the study of health concepts, new methodological developments, inference problems, interaction of morbidity, mortality and health determinants and use of health expectancy as policy instrument.

The available slides of the presentations are accessible on request.

List of papers presented

  • Van Oyen H. Life Expectancy and Health Expectancy. Challenges Ahead for Bruges.
  • Cuypers D. Life and Health Expectancy. Challenges Ahead for Belgium.

Session 1: Global health, comorbidity and burden of disease

  • Mathers C, Salomon J, Moesgaard Iburg K, Tandon A, Ustun B, Chatterji S, Murray C. Global patterns of healthy life expectancy in the year 2002.
  • Hoeymans N, Hoogenveen R. The Dutch Burden of Disease and the Contribution of Risk Factors.
  • Berthelot J-M, Le Petit C, Flanagan W, Boswell-Purdy J, Roberge H, Jenkins E. Canadian Population Health Impact of Cancer.
  • Mathers C, Moesgaard Iburg K, Begg S. Comorbidity adjustments of healthy life expectancy.

Session 2: Concepts of health and human functionning

  • Verbrugge L M. Challenge for Scientific Research: Person and Environment in Disability.
  • Gooberman-Hill R, Shah E. Adapting to mobility-disability in older age: a qualitative study.
  • Brown SJ, Lynch SM. Population Based Active Life Expectancy Estimates by Single ADL Patterns.
  • Berthelot J-M, Bernier J, Gorber S. Preferences of Canadians Toward Health States.
  • Herrmann F, Grandjean R, Michel J-P. Prevalence of frailty in Switzerland: Concepts and figures.

Session 3: Inequity in health and health expectancy - Part 1

  • Lindeboom M, Portrait F, Van Den Berg Gerard J. Individual Mortality and Macro-Economic Conditions from Birth to Death.
  • Perenboom RJM. Trends in Health Expectancies according to socio-economic status.
  • Spiers N, Matthews RJ, Barker GA, Jagger C, Hancock RM. Gender differences in measures of Health Inequalities at Older Ages: findings from the Great Britain Retirement Survey, 1988-1994.
  • Zimmer Z, Kaneda T, Tang Z. Rural - Urban Differences in Function and Mortality Among Older Adults in China: Why Do Rural Chinese Have Poorer Health?

Session 4: Health expectancy in the European Union: past, present and future

  • Van Oyen H, Van Der Heyden J, Perenboom R, Jagger C. Evaluation of a global activity limitation indicator GALI.
  • Cambois E, Lievre A. From functional limitations to activity restrictions: Analysis of disparities in the disablement process with the French longitudinal disability survey.
  • Jagger C, Robine J-M. Creating a harmonised health status module across the European Union.
  • Robine J-M, Jagger C, Van Oyen H. The fourth stage of the Euro-REVES approach - The EHEMU project (The European Health Expectancy Monitoring Unit).

Session 5: Health and health expectancy in Latin America

  • Ham-Chande R. Prospectives of longevity in Mexico and its implications for health and well-being.
  • Ybanez Zepeda E. Life expectancy and living arrangements as indicators of well being among the elderly.
  • Baptista DBDA. Elderly people in Sao Paulo (municipal area) Active life expectancy and multidimensional disability profiles from SABE.
  • Rosero-Bixby L. The high life expectancy of Costa Rican elders.

Session 6: Methodological issues - Part 1

  • Crimmins EM, Hayward MD, Saito Y, Reynolds SL. Three Different Approaches to Measuring Healthy Life Expectancy.
  • Klementiev A, Moriarty GD. Alternative measure of years of healthy life.
  • Abatih E, Brucker L, Van Oyen H, Bossuyt N. Estimation of variance of health expectancy by relative educational level in Belgium.
  • Lievre A, Brouard N. Estimation of the force of mortality -independently of the initial health state- from cross-longitudinal surveys.
  • Molla M, Lubitz J. Estimating Expected Years of Healthy Life Based on Retrospectively Assessed Health Status Data.

Session 7: Determinants of health and health expectancy - Part 1

  • Barendregt J. Risk factors and the compression of morbidity.
  • Nusselder W, Looman C, Peeters A, Franco-Duran O, Mackenbach J. Physical activity and compression of morbidity.
  • Hidajat MM, Hayward MD, Saito Y. Indonesia’s Social Capacity for Population Health: The Educational Gap in Active Life Expectancy.
  • Reynolds S. The Impact of Obesity on Active Life Expectancy in Older Adults.
  • Himes C. Weight gain, weight loss, and mortality risks.

Session 8: Determinants of health and health expectancy - Part 2

  • Ayis S. Predicting Catastrophic Decline in Mobility for Older People
  • Bronnum-Hansen H, Juel K. Smoking expands expected lifetime with musculoskeletal disease regardless of educational level.
  • Zimmer Z, Fang X, Kaneda T, Tang Z, Kwong J. Transitions in Coresidence with Adult Children among Older Adults in Beijing.
  • Manuel D, Desmeules M, Cho R. Why do women live longer than men?

Session 9: International comparisons and time trends in health within Europe

  • Iburg KM. Hale in the new EU.
  • Minicuci N, Noale M. Disability Free Life Expectancy: a cross-national comparison of six longitudinal studies on aging. The CLESA project.
  • Luy M, Caselli G. Regional Mortality Differences in Italy and Germany. Analysis of Similarities and Differences Regarding Developments and Responsible Factors.
  • Meltzer H, Heasman D. Trends in Life and Health Expectancies in Great Britain.

Session 10: Methodological issues - Part 2

  • Abramowska A, Gourbin C, Wunsch G. Projections of the dependent elderly population by age, sex, and household composition. Scenarios for Belgium.
  • Barendregt JJ, Kruijshaar ME. The dismod model and Lifetime Depression.
  • Deeg DJH. The role of education in time trends of cognitive impairment in Dutch older persons, 1992-2002.
  • Palloni A. Estimating Current Status Models with Non-Homogeneous Competing Risks.

Session 11: Inequity in health and health expectancy - Part 2

  • Minicuci N, Noale M. Disability free life expectancy by education and marital status among elderly Italians.
  • Lynch SM, Brown SJ. Education and Active Life Expectancy: Years of Schooling versus Credentials.
  • Melzer D. Socio-Economic Inequalities. National estimates using mobility performance testing.

Session 12: 3rd George Myers Memorial Lecture

  • Vallin J. Convergences and divergences in mortality. A new approach to health transition.