2007 St Peterburg, USA

19th REVES Meeting, St Petersburg, Fl, USA

"Fresh approaches to population health: healthy behavior and Bio-Demography"

Organized by Sandy Reynolds, Associate Professor at the USF School of Aging Studies, Tampa, Florida.

The available slides of the presentations are accessible hereunder by clicking on the author’s name.

Session I: Healthy behaviours / Lifestyle (1)

  • Hoffmann R, Doblhammer G. The Effect of Age, Sex, Obesity, and Smoking on Health Transitions: A statistical meta-analysis based on a systematic literature review.
  • Albala C, Lera L, Sanchez H, Garcia C, Fuentes A, Vio F. Obesity, Mortality and Functional Limitations in Chilean Elderly.
  • Lang I, Jagger C, Melzer D. The Impact of Obesity on Dynamic Transitions of Disability and Disability-Free Life Expectancy.
  • Yan Yu. Re-Examining the Age-Varying Association between Body Weight and Mortality.

Session II: Socio-economic status

  • Brønnum-Hansen H . Increasing Social Inequality in Health Expectancy in Denmark.
  • Hayward MD , Crimmins EM, Hummer RM, Hidayat MM. How Much Life Does a Good Education Buy in the U.S.?
  • Hagedorn A . Changes in Active Life Expectancy for Race-Education Groups in the U.S.: LSOA I and II.

Session III: Specific chronic diseases

  • Matthews F , Jagger C, Peres K, McDougall F. Depression and Life Expectancy: A Varied Look.
  • Reynolds SL , Kozlenko N, Haley WE. The Effect of Depressive Symptoms on Active Life Expectancy in the Presence or Absence of Chronic Conditions
  • McIlvane J , Reynolds SL. Arthritis and Obesity: An Unfortunate Combination.

Session IV: Healthy Life Years - a new structural indicator

  • Robine JM, Le Roy S, Jagger C, Bajekal M. Healthy Life Years - a new EU Structural Indicator.
  • Jagger C, Ehemu team. Healthy Life Years in the EU.
  • Le Roy S, Ehemu team. The Web Site of Ehemu.

Session V: Healthy behaviours / lifestyle (2)

  • Gavrilova N , Tessler Lindau S. Sexuality: An Overlooked Aspect of Women’s Health.
  • van Gool C , Kempen GIJM, Penninx BWJH, Deeg DJH, van Eijk JThM. Chronic Disease and Healthy Lifestyle Transitions.
  • Davy M . Generational Trends in Smoking Among Men and Women in the UK.
  • Visser M , Deeg DJH. Cohort Differences in Functional Status.

Session VI: Measures and methods

  • Matthews F , van den Hout, A. How Big Does My Study Have to Be?
  • Lubitz J , Cai L. Evaluation of Use of Micro-Simulation to Produce Estimates of Distribution.
  • Brown JS , Lynch SM, Nelson IM. Estimating Program Participation Expectancies by ADL: A Policy Application of Active Life Expectancy Methods.

Session VII: Trends in health / compression of morbidity

  • Jeune B, Brønnum-Hansen H. Trends in Health Expectancy Among 65-Year Old Danes.
  • Knoops K . In the Netherlands, Good Health Lasts Just as Long for Men and Women.
  • Parker MG , Lagergren M, Schön P, Thorslund M. Functional Ability in the Elderly Swedish Population from 1980 to 2005.
  • Wong R , Ofstedal MB, Yount K, Agree E. The Later Life Consequences of Lifestyle Risk Factors in Mexico and the U.S.

George Myers Memorial Lecture

  • Crimmins EM . George Myers Memorial Lecture: Biodemography Adds to our Understanding of Population Health.

Session VIII: Race, ethnicity and health

  • Popa M . The Role of Health And Lifestyle Behaviors On White-Black Disparities In Disability.
  • Lynch SM , Brown JS Regional Variation in Healthy Life Expectancy in the US: Patterns and Explanations
  • Soneji S . Improvements in Life Expectancy and Disabled Life Expectancy in US Birth Cohorts.
  • Woo H , Hayward MD. Do American Immigrants’ Longer Lives Signal a Compression of Morbidity?.

Session IX: Measuring longevity

  • Gavrilov L , Gavrilova N. Fresh Approaches to the Studies of Maternal Effects on Exceptional Human Longevity.
  • Robine JM , Cheung SLK. Lengthening of adult life durations: Between compression of mortality and shifting mortality.
  • Vallin J, Meslé F. The Lowest Mortalities.

Session X: Saving the best for last

  • Cambois E. Assessing Consequences of Chronic Diseases on Functional Health.
  • Deeg DJH . Is the Nature Of Chronic Diseases Changing Over Time?
  • Jeppesen LH . Health from a Consumer Perspective.
  • Bajekal M . Health Expectancies: the UK experience.