2007 St Peterburg, USA

19ème conférence de REVES, St Petersburg, Fl, USA

"Fresh approaches to population health: healthy behavior and Bio-Demography"

Organisée par Sandra Reynolds, Professor Associé à l’USF School of Aging Studies, Tampa, Floride.

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Session I: Healthy behaviours / Lifestyle (1)

  • Hoffmann R, Doblhammer G. The Effect of Age, Sex, Obesity, and Smoking on Health Transitions: A statistical meta-analysis based on a systematic literature review.
  • Albala C, Lera L, Sanchez H, Garcia C, Fuentes A, Vio F. Obesity, Mortality and Functional Limitations in Chilean Elderly.
  • Lang I, Jagger C, Melzer D. The Impact of Obesity on Dynamic Transitions of Disability and Disability-Free Life Expectancy.
  • Yan Yu. Re-Examining the Age-Varying Association between Body Weight and Mortality.

Session II: Socio-economic status

  • Brønnum-Hansen H . Increasing Social Inequality in Health Expectancy in Denmark.
  • Hayward MD , Crimmins EM, Hummer RM, Hidayat MM. How Much Life Does a Good Education Buy in the U.S.?
  • Hagedorn A . Changes in Active Life Expectancy for Race-Education Groups in the U.S.: LSOA I and II.

Session III: Specific chronic diseases

  • Matthews F , Jagger C, Peres K, McDougall F. Depression and Life Expectancy: A Varied Look.
  • Reynolds SL , Kozlenko N, Haley WE. The Effect of Depressive Symptoms on Active Life Expectancy in the Presence or Absence of Chronic Conditions
  • McIlvane J , Reynolds SL. Arthritis and Obesity: An Unfortunate Combination.

Session IV: Healthy Life Years - a new structural indicator

  • Robine JM, Le Roy S, Jagger C, Bajekal M. Healthy Life Years - a new EU Structural Indicator.
  • Jagger C, Ehemu team. Healthy Life Years in the EU.
  • Le Roy S, Ehemu team. The Web Site of Ehemu.

Session V: Healthy behaviours / lifestyle (2)

  • Gavrilova N , Tessler Lindau S. Sexuality: An Overlooked Aspect of Women’s Health.
  • van Gool C , Kempen GIJM, Penninx BWJH, Deeg DJH, van Eijk JThM. Chronic Disease and Healthy Lifestyle Transitions.
  • Davy M . Generational Trends in Smoking Among Men and Women in the UK.
  • Visser M , Deeg DJH. Cohort Differences in Functional Status.

Session VI: Measures and methods

  • Matthews F , van den Hout, A. How Big Does My Study Have to Be?
  • Lubitz J , Cai L. Evaluation of Use of Micro-Simulation to Produce Estimates of Distribution.
  • Brown JS , Lynch SM, Nelson IM. Estimating Program Participation Expectancies by ADL: A Policy Application of Active Life Expectancy Methods.

Session VII: Trends in health / compression of morbidity

  • Jeune B, Brønnum-Hansen H. Trends in Health Expectancy Among 65-Year Old Danes.
  • Knoops K . In the Netherlands, Good Health Lasts Just as Long for Men and Women.
  • Parker MG , Lagergren M, Schön P, Thorslund M. Functional Ability in the Elderly Swedish Population from 1980 to 2005.
  • Wong R , Ofstedal MB, Yount K, Agree E. The Later Life Consequences of Lifestyle Risk Factors in Mexico and the U.S.

George Myers Memorial Lecture

  • Crimmins EM . George Myers Memorial Lecture: Biodemography Adds to our Understanding of Population Health.

Session VIII: Race, ethnicity and health

  • Popa M . The Role of Health And Lifestyle Behaviors On White-Black Disparities In Disability.
  • Lynch SM , Brown JS Regional Variation in Healthy Life Expectancy in the US: Patterns and Explanations
  • Soneji S . Improvements in Life Expectancy and Disabled Life Expectancy in US Birth Cohorts.
  • Woo H , Hayward MD. Do American Immigrants’ Longer Lives Signal a Compression of Morbidity?.

Session IX: Measuring longevity

  • Gavrilov L , Gavrilova N. Fresh Approaches to the Studies of Maternal Effects on Exceptional Human Longevity.
  • Robine JM , Cheung SLK. Lengthening of adult life durations: Between compression of mortality and shifting mortality.
  • Vallin J, Meslé F. The Lowest Mortalities.

Session X: Saving the best for last

  • Cambois E. Assessing Consequences of Chronic Diseases on Functional Health.
  • Deeg DJH . Is the Nature Of Chronic Diseases Changing Over Time?
  • Jeppesen LH . Health from a Consumer Perspective.
  • Bajekal M . Health Expectancies: the UK experience.