2020 Hangzou, China

第32届健康预期寿命学术组织 (REVES)年会预通知
Population Development and Healthy Life Expectancy:
International Experience and China’s Practice

Notice for the Cancelation of REVES 2020

Due to the current situation of COVID-19 epidemic in the global field, after discussion with multiple international experts, the committee has decided to cancel REVES 2020 Conference, which was planned to be held on May 25-28,2020 in Hangzhou, China. We feel sorry for this change and hope you can understand our concerns about the safety for all.

We will guarantee the confidentiality of any abstracts and articles submitted. If you have already payed for the conference fee, please contact us and we will refund your payment later.

Committee of REVES 2020

February, 2020

"The steering committee would like to thank again Prof Hong Mi and his team for all the work they did in the preparation of REVES 2020. Our next meetings will take place in May 2021 in Brussels and in May 2022 in Halifax."