2001 Vancouver, Canada

13ème réunion de REVES, Vancouver (Canada), 2001

Can we achieve Health for all? Health inequalities, determinants and policies

La conférence était organisée par Yves Carrière, Statistics Canada.

Liste des présentations à la conférence de Vancouver. Les ppt sont disponibles sur demande.

  • Bajekal M. Inequalities in healthy life expectancy at small area level: Magnitude and trends in England: 1994-1998.
  • Bebbington AC. Healthy life expectancy in care homes for older people: A study of health inequalities.
  • Bissett B, Bajekal M, Purdon S, Kelly S. Healthy life expectancy in England at sub-national level: A comparison of two survey instruments.
  • Bronnum-Hansen H, Juel K. Abstention from smoking extends life and compresses morbidity.
  • Bélanger A, Martel L, Berthelot JM. Smoking and disability-free life expectancy in Canada.
  • Cullings H, Sauvaget C, Fujiwara S, Yamada M. Changes in functional ability in several types of ADL analysed as a simple Markov model.
  • Dunn JR, Ross N. Metropolitan income distribution and population health in Canada and the U.S: What are the implications for policy.
  • Franks P, Gold MR, Fiscella K. The sociodemographic determinants of health status in the U.S.
  • Gakidou E, King G. Inequality in healthy life expectancy for the year 2000.
  • Gakidou E, Murray C. Defining and measuring health inequality: the WHO approach based on healthy life expectancy.
  • Gavrilov LA, Gavrilova NS. Inbreeding and human longevity: First findings from the International Centenarian Study.
  • Gavrilova NS, Gavrilov LA, Evdokushkina GN, Semyonova VG. Mortality crisis in Russia: New health threats.
  • Gärtner K. Life styles and their impact on health and life expectancy in Germany.
  • Hajem S, Robine J-M. Disability-free Life Expectancy in Tunisia.
  • Ham-Chande R. Composing health expectancy indicators in Latin America.
  • Harman JL, Williams D. Comparing age-group contributions to the inequality of adult mortality by education.
  • Hayward MD, Crimmins E, Zhang Z. Racial/ethnic disparities in heart disease experience in the U.S.
  • Herrmann F, Michel J-P. Survival rate of a cohort of demented and non-demented elderly citizens living in Switzerland.
  • Jagger C, Arthur A, Matthews R. Estimates of life expectancy with major depression in the 65 plus population of the U.K.
  • Kruijshaar M, Hoeymans N, Bijl R, Spijker J, Essink-Bot ML. Levels of disability in major depression.
  • Kruijshaar ME, Barendregt JJ, Hoeymans N. The use of models in estimating disease epidemiology.
  • Lafontaine P, Saucier A, Dutil E. Needs for assistance in executing activities of daily living.
  • Lindeboom M, Deeg DJ. Effect of death of spouse on health expectancies: A multi-state multi-spell duration model.
  • Mathers C, Sadana R, Murray C, Lopez A, Ezzati M. Global patterns of healthy life expectancy.
  • Mayer F, Ross N, Berthelot J-M, Wilkins R. Health expectancy within health region in Canada, 1996.
  • McKenna MT, Michaud C, Ebrahim S, Murray C, Marks JS. Identifying opportunities to decrease racial disparities in health in the United States by using DALY.
  • Mulder Y, Perenboom R J. Impact of chronic diseases on health expectancy in the Netherlands.
  • Mulhorn K. Socioeconomic correlates of mortality using the US National Health Interview on disability: Data from the NHIS-NDI linked data set.
  • Murray C, Tandon A, Mathers C, Sadana R. Cross-population comparability of health status data for summary measures of population health.
  • Nayar PKB. Health inequalities: An enquiry into their nature and causes with reference to India.
  • Olshansky J, Carnes BA, Butler RN. If Humans were built to last.
  • Pampalon R, Choinière R, Rochon M. Healthy life expectancy and deprivation in Québec, 1996-1998.
  • Paradis S, Jenkins E. Integrating aggregated health indicators into the policy making process: a canadian experience.
  • Peeters A, Mamun AA, Willekens FJ, Bonneux L. A cardiovascular life history: The Framingham heart study.
  • Robine JM. Aggregate measures of population health.
  • Saito Y. Life expectancy with major depression in the 70 plus population of Japan.
  • Schultz S, Manuel D, Kopec J. Measuring the burden of selected chronic conditions and injury in Ontario using cause-deleted health-adjusted life expectancy.
  • Suthers K, Crimmins E. Estimates of life expectancy with major depression in the 70 plus population of the United States.
  • Suthers K, Gatz M, Crimmins E, Pedersen N. Life expectancy with major depression in the 70 plus population of Sweden.
  • Tan Q, Yashin AI, Andersen-Ranberg K, Jeune B, Christensen K, Vaupel JW. Variation of cardiovascular disease associated genes exhibits sex-dependent influence on human survival.
  • Tu E, Kuanjeng C. Living with adult children at old age: Taiwan 1986-1996.
  • Van Herten LM. Can health expectancy identify priority issues for health policy? The Dutch Case.
  • Verbrugge LM, Yang L. Aging with disability and disability with aging.
  • Wagener DK, Molla MT, Pamuk E, Madans JH. Changing health expectancy: A sensitivity analysis of the effects of mortality and morbidity.
  • Wilkins R, Mayer F, Ross N, Berthelot J-M. Health expectancy by neighbourhood income in Canada, using census disability data for 1996.
  • Yan-Li LL. Comparative studies of functional limitations among community-dwelling older adults in China and the U.S. Healthy Active Life Expectancy session at the International Association of Gerontology Congress.


Session: Healthy Active Life Expectancy du congrès de l’International Association of Gerontology

  • J.-P. Michel, G. Gold, J.-M. Robine, M. Balhoczky and F. Herrmann.4 year follow-up of discharged patients from an Acute Care Geriatric Hospital.
  • E M. Crimmins, MD Hayward, H Ueda, JK Kim, A Hagedorn and Y Saito. Approaches to Healthy Life Expectancy: Life with and without Heart Disease among Men and Women over 50.
  • C. Jagger, J.-M. Robine. Disability-free life expectancy at age 65 in the European countries: new results.
  • R. Perenboom, Y. Mulder. Health expectancies of elderly in the Netherlands, A comparison between five types of health expectancies.
  • E. Kramarow, H. Lentzner, L. Cai (National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, MD, USA) J. Lubitz (Health Care Financing Administration, Baltimore, MD, USA). New Estimates of Active Life Expectancy of the Older U.S Population.