1989 Quebec, Canada

First REVES meeting, Quebec (Canada) 1989

Health expectancy

Organized by Madeleine Blanchet, Quebec Council of Social Affairs

23 among the 25 papers presented at the meeting were published in the proceedings of this first REVES meeting, and one led to a publication in the Journal of Gerontology:

  • Branch LG. Active life expectancy in 10 000 men and women in three communities. In : First Work-group meeting REVES, International Research Network for interpretation of Observed Values of Healthy Life Expectancy, Quebec, September 1989. (This paper was a basis for the article: Branch LG, Guralnik JM, Foley DJ, Kohout FJ, Wetle TT, Ostfeld A, Katz S; Active life expectancy for 10,000 caucasian men and women in three communities. J Gerontol 1991 ; 46:M145-M150).