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REVES members

REVES members are from a variety of professional disciplines including demography, epidemiology, gerontology, sociology, psychology, public health, health policy, health economics, medicine, biology and statistics and have been invited to join the REVES network after participating in a REVES meeting. If you would like to join the REVES email list, to receive details of REVES news and meetings, please contact Leila Oumeddour or Emmanuelle Cambois.

The REVES members and committees

  • REVES steering committee is composed of the REVES members who have set up the network in 1989 as well as all members who have organized one of the REVES meeting up to now and those who will organize the two following ones,
  • REVES web committee has been recently renewed by volonteers who have accepted to discuss new development issues,
  • REVES members are researchers who have given a presentation at least at one of the previous REVES meetings.

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